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Light bulb iconPart I: Defining The Designer You Want to Hire

Week 1: The New Hire Thank You Note

  • Travel into the future and describe the new hire’s first year.
  • Identify your new designer’s initial accomplishments.
  • Get your entire team on board with who you need to hire and why.

Week 2: The Performance Profile

  • Craft your detailed description of the new designer’s first year objectives.
  • Attain team alignment on what you’re hiring the new designer to accomplish.
  • Decide whether you’re ‘hiring for hands’ or ‘hiring for brains.’

Week 3: The Assessment Criteria

  • Determine what skills, knowledge, and experience you’re looking for in your ideal candidate.
  • Help recruiters and interviewers objectively measure each candidate’s fit.
  • Get to an offer faster.

Resume iconPart II: The Designer Interview Process

Week 4: The Job Ad, Initial Candidate Screening, and Delightful Rejections

  • Attract highly-qualified job applicants with an ad based on what the will designer do once hired.
  • Prioritize applicants with details that go beyond what’s in their résumé and portfolio.
  • Get thanks from applicants who are thrilled to have participated, even when they’re rejected.

Week 5: Breadth and Depth Interviews

  • Use breadth interviews to identify if a candidate has the potential to explore further.
  • Explore each candidate’s comparable experience using detailed depth interviews.
  • Create detailed interview guides that ensure interviewers collect the necessary evidence

Week 6: The Project, Panel Interviews, and Reference Checks

  • Evaluate how the top candidates will perform by assigning them a take-home project.
  • Make interviewers more efficient using multiple interview topic lenses.
  • Uncover details about top candidates only previous employers can tell you.

Calendar iconPart III: Preparing for the Future

Week 7: Building the Candidate Pipeline, Passive Recruiting, and Hiring Contractors or Vendors

  • Open up a constant stream of future candidates to help build out your team.
  • Make highly-qualified designers envious by sharing your team’s great work.
  • Extend the hiring practice to identifying highly-capable vendors and contractors.

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