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Your hiring process can:

  • Consistently attract great design applicants.
  • Quickly identify the candidates highly qualified for your job.
  • Confidently make an offer before your top candidate says yes to someone else.

If your organization wants to produce better designed products and services, you need to hire great designers. Great designers have the perfect mix of skills, knowledge, and experience to bring your organization’s design efforts to the next level. Your hiring process needs to support your design team without being a painful hardship that drags on without great results.

In this 7-week highly-interactive online workshop, Jared Spool will guide you through the process for hiring the best designers. The MasterClass is a mixture of video lessons, interactive online video calls with Jared, and directed exercises. You’ll go in depth through every step of a Performance-based Hiring process, tailored specifically to hiring the right UX designers for your needs.

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A MasterClass Dedicated To Hiring Designers

A detailed deep dive into what makes a great hiring process for building a design team. You’ll walk through every step of a process finely-tuned to deliver you great applicants, talented candidates, and the right new designers to join your team.

  • Shorten your hiring process by identifying the most qualified candidates quickly.
  • Craft job advertisements that encourage highly-qualified designers to apply.
  • Go into every interview knowing exactly the evidence you need from each applicant.
  • Have the confidence you’re making great choice when you extend your offer.

In 7 weeks, you’ll walk through the entire process, creating everything you need to find your next new designer quickly and confidently. You’ll build your design team with a hiring process that delivers great results.

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Hiring Great Designers Is A Team Activity

We’ve designed this MasterClass for the entire hiring team: Managers, interviewers, and recruiters. A great designer hiring process is something every member of the team contributes to. Everyone needs to be on the same page about who would make a great new hire and how you’ll know when you meet them.

Every step of the designer hiring process is collaborative:

  • How do you define the new designer’s future contributions to the team?
  • How do you assess if a candidate has the comparable experience you’re seeking?
  • How do you ensure every interview gets to the necessary depth about the candidate’s skills, knowledge, and experience?
  • How do you quickly and clearly decide you’ve found the right designer for the job?

Every member of your team needs to be part of the entire hiring process. We’ll give your team members access to the entire suite of videos, worksheets, exercises, and discussions. You’ll have plenty of time to discuss what you’re learning and how it will apply to your next hiring effort.

What’s in Hiring The Best For Your UX Design Team

Light bulb iconPart I: Defining The Designer You Want to Hire

Week 1: The New Hire Thank You Note

Uncover what the new designer will accomplish once they arrive at the job. Get everyone on the same page about who you’ll hire and why.

Week 2: The Performance Profile

Create a detailed job description that will serve as the key reference for every step in the designer hiring process. Make it clear when you’ve found a candidate that’s ideal for the new position.

Week 3: The Assessment Criteria

Outline how the team will rate each candidate, based on their comparable experience and suitability for the position. Apply a scoring system that pinpoints exactly what makes a designer candidate qualified.

Resume iconPart II: The Designer Interview Process

Week 4: The Job Ad, Initial Candidate Screening, and Delightful Rejections

Outline how the team will rate each candidate, based on their comparable experience and suitability for the position. Apply a scoring system that pinpoints exactly what makes a designer candidate qualified.

Week 5: Breadth and Depth Interviews

Focus interviews on uncovering detailed evidence of a candidate’s comparable design experience. Learn what a candidate’s capable of by exploring their past design work in depth. Create interview guides to ensure every interviewer knows what evidence to collect.

Week 6: The Project, Panel Interviews, and Reference Checks

Identify how top candidates might tackle the new assignment with a take-home project tailored to the new designer’s accomplishments. Learn techniques for making the best use of panel interviews. Gain valuable hiring evidence from the top candidates’ references.

Calendar iconPart III: Preparing for the Future

Week 7: Building the Candidate Pipeline, Passive Recruiting, and Hiring Contractors or Vendors

Make hiring future designers easier by building a pipeline of potential candidates. Drive designers to your team, even when you’re not hiring, to raise the level of qualified applicants each round. Adapt these techniques for hiring contractors and vendors.

Attract, identify, and qualify well-suited designers right away

Hiring new design team members shouldn’t be painful and burdensome. When you clearly identify what the new designer will accomplish up front, you can feed that into the job ad, which then attracts higher quality candidates. Knowing the position lets you quickly identify and qualify the best-suited candidates. You’ll make an offer knowing you’ve found the right designer for the job.

Stop turning away the most-qualified designers

When your interview team isn’t prepared, seasoned designers detect a red flag. Every interviewer needs to know, in detail, the answers to any candidate’s questions. Prepare the team with a detailed performance profile for the position. Excite top candidates by showing them how your position’s challenges will grow their skills and experience.

A proven, intentionally-designed method for hiring

Hiring designers is different than hiring salespeople or admins. Employ a process designed specifically for hiring designers—one that looks at both the skills and craft of smart design. You’ll learn how to best evaluate design portfolios and how to dig deep into a candidate’s comparable experience.

Each Week:

1: New Videos.

Each week will start with new videos available on Monday. You’ll work through the 45 to 60 minutes of videos, stopping to do short exercises and have discussions with your team.

2: Try It Yourself.

This is the “homework” for the week. Yet it’s not like homework you got in school. Instead, you’ll be creating the pieces for your next hire. It’s homework that you’ll keep and use, not throw away once the course is done. You’ll get a head start on your next open position.

3: Office Hours with Jared.

At the end of each week, after you’ve watched the videos and completed the homework, you’ll meet with Jared and your fellow classmates on a video conference. You’ll review your work, give your feedback to your classmates on their efforts, and get feedback and answers to your questions from Jared.

Our current running MasterClass is from March 12 to April 26. Our next start date will be April 23.

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A Bit About Jared

For the past 5 years, Jared Spool has worked with organizations around the world to help them attract high-quality designers to build world-class design teams. Jared has set Center Centre/UIE’s 100-year mission to eliminate all the bad design from the world. The only way to do that is to build great design teams in every organization.

He’s proven these hiring techniques with organizations like Capital One, Fidelity Investments, WeWork, ExxonMobil, Alaska Airlines, CA Technologies, Comcast, Mercy Hospital, and the U.S. Digital Service. And now you can learn these techniques too, to ensure you build a great design team.

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